Connecting to an Existing Account

Linking parents, family members, and practitioners effortlessly.

Communication on OFW® is maintained within a private family forum. Each parent has their own account with their own login credentials, and those accounts are linked together so that they may communicate and share information. Connections to other account types, such as Third Party Accounts and Professional Accounts, can be added as well. 



If your co-parent has already signed up, you may have received an email with your login information to activate your account online. If you have not received this information, please email us at We'll help you connect with your co-parent.

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Family Members

If you're a grandparent, bonus parent, nanny, or another relative or child caretaker for a parent currently using OurFamilyWizard®, you will receive your login information via email.

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If you believe that a third party account has been created for you but haven't received login information, please contact our Customer Support team.




If you're a lawyer, judge, Family Dispute Resolution practitioner, or other legal or mental health practitioner, quickly connect to a client account by clicking the 'Add Client' button at the top of your account's homepage.

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