Parents and family law practitioners often request certified documentation of their or their client's communication, sign-in history, and other entries on OurFamilyWizard. Authenticated records can be requested by parents or by their practitioners at any time. 

A business records affidavit from OurFamilyWizard will include:

  • Declaration of Authenticity
  • Signed and dated by the Custodian of Record and notary public
  • Printed directly from our server onto OurFamilyWizard letterhead and stamped with the OurFamilyWizard Certified Original Document seal

We are happy to field requests for business records affidavits from parents and practitioners, and we have a policy in place for how you may request this information. 


Requirements for Requesting a Business Records Affidavit

You or your client can request a business records affidavit. To make this request, you must meet one of the following qualifications:

  1. Be linked to a client with Professional Access on OurFamilyWizard
  2. Have your client grant you Professional Access to their account on OurFamilyWizard, then contact OurFamilyWizard Customer Support to request the business records affidavit
  3. Send a conformed copy of the court order stating that you are representing the party
  4. Have your client contact OurFamilyWizard Customer Support to request the business records affidavit for their own records

If you meet one of these qualifications, contact OurFamilyWizard Customer Support to request your business records affidavit. Any information viewable to your client can be requested to be included in the document. (i.e., messages, sign-in history, etc.).

If you do not meet any of these qualifications, please refer to our policy for subpoena requests.

Pricing Information

Once your request is accepted, we will compile the documentation and contact you once completed to receive payment. Payment of our standard minimum fees for authenticated records include:

  • a minimum Search and Retrieval Fee ($20.00)
  • a Certification Flat Fee ($20.00)
  • a Per Page Copying Fee of $.18 per page.

We reserve the right to invoice for additional fees in excess of those set forth above for bulk copying or other unusual requests.

We will mail the business records affidavit directly to you once payment has been received in full. If you have any questions about requesting a business records affidavit, please contact us at