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Useful OFW Tools for Parents During the COVID-19 Crisis

We've compiled a list of tools on OFW that may be particularly helpful to you throughout the current coronavirus pandemic. 

Learn about these tools

Learn how to use the shared parenting calendar on the OFW website.


Use the OFW Calendar to document your parenting time, share event details and schedule holidays. 

Learn the ins and outs of the OFW Calendar

Learn how to use the message board on the OurFamilyWizard website.


Learn how to check first-viewed timestamps, use Tonemeter™, and more. 

Get started with OFW Messaging

Learn how to use Moments and Check-ins in the Journal section of the OFW website.

Journal - New and expanded tools!

The OFW Journal is split into Moments and Check-Ins. You'll now be able to tag locations, check-in at changeovers, and use ToneMeter™ while composing journal entries. 

Get familiar with these brand new tools

Learn how to manage your shared parenting expenses through the OFW website.


Request reimbursements, upload receipts, document payments and download detailed reports. 

Learn all about expense tracking on OFW

Learn how to use the many different parts of the OFW Info Bank, including document storage, health tracking and more.

Info Bank

Secure storage for every piece of information you and your co-parent need to share, from emergency contacts to immunisation records. The Info Bank also contains MyFiles, the central hub for all documents, receipts, and photos uploaded to OFW.

Get organised with the OFW Info Bank

Manage your account settings in the My Account section of the OFW website.

My Account

Update your login credentials, select your display colours, and manage other essential account functions.

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Learn about renewing your subscription, applying for a fee waiver, adding ToneMeter™ to your account, and other general billing functions. 

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