How do I see if my co-parent has signed up or has an active account with OFW?

We are frequently asked by parents if their co-parent has signed up yet. You can determine this in one of two ways. When your co-parent begins using OurFamilyWizard, the last viewed information will start reflecting their activity. You can view this information in the lower left-hand margin of each page. It will show the last time they logged in and looked at each page.

However, since we allow each user two grace logins prior to activation, they can access the site prior to subscribing. You can also find your co-parent's subscription information along with your own in the My Account section.


Viewing your co-parent's subscription expiration date

  1. Navigate to the My Account tab
  2. In the overview section, both your and your co-parent's subscription expiration dates will be displayed. 
  3. Your co-parent's subscription expiration date:
    1. In the future: If the date is in the future, your co-parent's subscription to OurFamilyWizard is active.
    2. In the past: If the date is in the past, your co-parent's subscription to OurFamilyWizard expired on that date.
    3. Never activated: If you see 'Never activated' for your co-parent's subscription expiration date, your co-parent has not yet purchased a subscription for their account.

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