Use check-ins and moments in the OFW Journal.


Never lose track of a single moment.

Part-family album, part-diary, the OurFamilyWizard Journal allows you to capture memories and details about specific dates within an easily searchable format. Your entries can be kept private for your own personal notes or they can be shared with your co-parent, family professionals, children, and third parties. 


Promote accountability with GPS-verified Check-ins 

GPS Check-ins

Verify your arrival at exchanges and other important locations with Check-Ins

Check-Ins are limited to a 500-foot (150 meters) radius around your current location, ensuring that records of drop-offs and pick-ups are factual and precise. 


Moments are flexible entries perfect for sharing memories


1. Who created the entry 2. Who can see the entry

3. Tagged location 4. Photo attachments

Use Moments to capture important family occasions and record observations to share with your co-parent or to keep for your own private diary. Attach pictures and tag locations to add extra detail to your entries. 

Unlike Check-Ins, Moments can be tagged with any location, making them a flexible option for sharing memories rather than for verifying your presence at exchanges and other important locations.